Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent solution for patients who are missing one or more teeth and can also be used to securely anchor dentures.

In the not so distant past, constant denture relining and shifting, dietary restrictions and jaw shrinkage was what many people with missing teeth could look forward to as they aged. For our patients who want to avoid these problems, we believe implants are the best solution dentistry has to offer. Dental implants can restore complete functionality and natural beauty.

ImplantsĀ are a secure amazingly strong titanium post that can last 25 years or more. They don’t interfere with speech, eating or comfort. Recent advancements make implants easier and more affordable than ever. The natural, esthetic look of the restorations is another benefit. Implants are used to replace natural teeth with either individual crowns or in combination with a removable prosthesis.

People who have ill fitting dentures or partials can benefit from the stability that implants can offer.

When you are missing teeth the bone can weaken and the jaw can recede. Implants keep your jaw strong and youthful looking by supporting the bone where the teeth used to be.


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